Political scientist: "Iran's exercises on Azerbaijan's borders are unfriendly"

Political scientist Gabil Huseynli

© APA | Political scientist Gabil Huseynli

# 21 September 2021 00:36 (UTC +04:00)

"According to current international practice, any country informs neighboring countries through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before conducting military exercises in border areas. Iran also informed Azerbaijan about the exercises and said that these exercises are not against Azerbaijan. But there are questions about Iran's drills," Political scientist Gabil Huseynli told APA.

The political scientist said that Iran, which has been playing a role of breathing for Armenia for years and supplying the occupying country with everything, including military materials, has chosen the method of blackmail and psychological pressure: “What is the purpose of these exercises? Who is Iran showing muscle to? Why are these drills taking place right now? Is this a response to joint exercises between Azerbaijan and Turkey, or a nervous reaction to Azerbaijan's tightening of control over the Gorus-Gafan road? Why didn't Iran, guided by Muslim solidarity during the years of occupation of Azerbaijani lands, show this muscle show against Armenia? Probably, drug trafficking interests from Iran to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan prevented it. I wonder why these exercises do not cover the border with Armenia? Or do the Iranian authorities, who are sympathetic to Armenia, not allow it? These exercises are an unfriendly step, and there can be no question of good intentions. Holding the exercises on the borders of Azerbaijan gives reason to think that these exercises are against Azerbaijan.

The issue does not ends by saying "Death to Israel!", "Death to the United States!". Those who say this should also think about the future of accountability to the world. Now it will not work for anyone to show muscle on the borders with Azerbaijan. We want respect for the territorial integrity and friendly relations with our neighbor. We have a sincere attitude towards Iran, but we never see a sincere attitude towards Iran.

Describing itself as the leader of the Islamic world, if Iran today walks hand in hand with the Armenian Gregorian Church, one of the most ruthless circles in the Christian world, if Iran does not care that Armenia occupied Azerbaijani lands, conducted ethnic cleansing, expelled up to 1 million people, committed genocides such as Khojaly, Garadaghli, Baganis-Ayrim, if Iran during the occupation and now provides all kinds of assistance to Armenia, what kind of Islamic service and Islamic values ​​can Iran talk about?

Today, there is a religious-theocratic regime in Iran, but it is a regime that includes Persian nationalism and is slightly embellished with Islamic values. If this regime considers itself the leader of the Shiite world, then it is impossible to speak of Iran's sincerity to Islam and respect for the Islamic faith, if it does not see the Shiite brothers in Azerbaijan, and especially the Azerbaijanis, who are 2.5 times more in their country. Iran must know that if Azerbaijan and our compatriots stand up, only God knows what will be the end of this theocratic regime. "

The political scientist stressed that there is no need for Iran to show muscle on the borders of Azerbaijan: “If necessary, we will show that muscle to Iran. We have taught the Armenians, but we can answer you only through our words and propaganda. Iran must put an end to these issues, stop aid to Armenia, and stand for sincere Islamic values. Otherwise, Azerbaijan will take the necessary measures. I emphasize once again that the Azerbaijani state supports good relations with its close neighbors, including Iran. But if Iran itself wants to create problems, it is seriously mistaken. Because, Azerbaijan will be the first country to defend Iran when it comes under pressure from the international coalition against Iran. But for this, Iran must put the place of reconciliation with the Azerbaijani people. They must see the realities, reconcile with the realities and return to the path of truth. "