Telman Ismayilov: I also have something to say

Telman Ismayilov: I also have something to say
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  • calendar-gray 21 November 2017

Former owner of Cherkizov bazaar Azerbaijani businessman Telman Ismayilov, for whom the Basmanny District Court of Moscow has issued an arrest warrant, addressed the public in an audio message, APA-Economics reports.  


The message says,   


‘As a result of information terror lasted for 9 years, I have been accused of a number of cases. None of these cases has been proved. Now, I’m accused of murder. I have never committed a crime in my life. I’m insistently claiming that I’m innocent and I can prove it. Had the investigation not concealed the accusations about me, I would have come to Moscow and proved my innocence. Because of this, the investigation was carried out and the arrest warrant was issued in secret. However, I’m ready to prove my innocence. I have been quiet for long time and tried to be above the slander.  However, today, they say to my grandsons, ‘your grandfather is a murderer’. Who would it appeal to? These event happened nine years ago too. Everyone wrote about me and Cherkizov bazaar what they want. As if I am engaged in smuggling. At the time, I did filming in the area of the bazaar and copied it to a disc. Today, I’m ready to upload that video to YouTube. That’s enough. I also have something to say – about not only the bazaar, but also many other issues. No accusation must be made against someone without evidence. I’m Russian citizen and demand evidences. I’m told that the order is from higher authority. What it means? Who is he? While answering this question, everyone rises their finger up. So the matter is about the person in the highest position. If he knows that some speak about him so, it will not be good.’  


The Basmanny District Court of Moscow has issued an arrest warrant for Russian tycoon Telman Ismayilov in absentia as part of a double homicide case, according to the court database.


The businessman could face life imprisonment if convicted.


Ismayilov’s lawyer Marina Rusakova said that the ruling had been appealed. The Moscow City Court will consider the appeal on November 15, the attorney added.


The criminal case against Ismayilov is reportedly connected with the murder of businessman Vladimir Savkin and founder of Lublino-Motors auto service centre Yury Brylev in May 2016. The tycoon’s brother Rafik Ismayilov and one more man Mehman Karimov were allegedly involved in the double homicide. Karimov has pleaded guilty.



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