OIC supports all efforts of Azerbaijan, stands by Azerbaijan, Secretary-General says

OIC supports all efforts of Azerbaijan,  stands by Azerbaijan, Secretary-General says
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"I congratulate Azerbaijan on its victory. I also congratulated the President on the territories returned after 30 years of occupation. The lands were returned to the owner. This nightmare is over, but half of the story is over, and the other half is over. What will happen in the future. This is a victory for all Muslim countries for the OIC. Our member state has restored its rights. Lebanon has reclaimed a territory the size of a city, this is a great victory, a great territory. History is written. I congratulated the President of Azerbaijan on this victory. The Azerbaijani government has made efforts over the past year. If that happened in another country, they would not wait 30 years. You have used diplomatic means over the years. Azerbaijan has not entered even 1 cm of the territory of another country," OIC Secretary-General Yousef Bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen said at the joint press conference with Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov, APA reports.

"We have come here to develop a roadmap for construction and cooperation and determine how to begin the restoration work. Armenia does not provide mine maps, which is very complicated and dangerous. Another issue is mosques. These were religious places, people worship in these places, these places should not be touched. However, these places were destroyed. We think that we should give our support and find out what steps can be taken to protect the heritage." said Mr. Secretary-General.

He noted that all religions are respected in Azerbaijan: “Azerbaijan is an example of tolerance, a shining example for the world. I think the future will be more difficult, it requires reconstruction, patience, finances. But every year new projects are implemented and developed in Azerbaijan and Baku.

Yousef Bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen added that the OIC supports all the efforts of Azerbaijan and stands by Azerbaijan.


Zumrud Pashkin

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