Trump’s letter to Azerbaijani President discussed on US radio

Trump’s letter to Azerbaijani President discussed on US radio
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  • calendar-gray 20 May 2020

The interview of Azerbaijan’s ambassador to the USA Elin Suleymanov and professor of Georgetown University Brenda Shaffer broadcasted on the USA’s prestigious John Batchelor Show radio program, Azerbaijan’s Embassy to the USA told APA.

The main topic of the interview was the congratulation letter written by the US President Donald Trump to Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of the Republic Day in Azerbaijan.

Firstly, the journalist presenting the show provided information about the situation in the region and our country regarding the coronavirus pandemic, talked about medical equipment and necessary technologies owned by our country, and intended for the fight against this virus. Then, the presenter of the radio show congratulated Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people with the Republic Day and read out the US President Donald Trump’s letter to radio listeners.

The journalist-presenter said Azerbaijan is an example of peace and tolerance in the region, considered as noteworthy the evaluation by D. Trump of the works implemented by Azerbaijan’s President and people as the allied and friendly actions.

The ambassador Suleymanov noting the significance of President Trump’s letter said the expression of strong support to Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and independence in that letter is another indicator of recognition of Azerbaijan as a sovereign and independent country of the region in the true sense of the word: “In the times when all counties are facing hardships, the focusing of the Trump administration on the important aspects of the international relations and evaluation by it of the partnership with Azerbaijan is an estimable action. The cooperation between Azerbaijan and the USA in the area of fight against terrorism, diversification of energy supply sources and routes, security, and building of better society continuing for 30 years, and the confidence in the continuation of this cooperation in the future is quite an important message”.

The ambassador expressed his gratitude to President Trump for his letter dedicated to the 102nd anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijan People’s Republic being the first republic in the Muslim world.

The journalist-presenter touching upon the location of Azerbaijan in the geo-strategically important region drew attention to the fact that the USA has always seen Azerbaijan as a country extending its helping hand and striving for peace in the region. The show host touched upon the facts that President Ilham Aliyev used the tools of CISCO international communication company situated in the USA’s Silicon Valley during the Summit meeting of the Turkic-speaking States’ Cooperation Council, as well as resorted to this technology during the online meetings of the Non-Aligned Movement and the European Union. Professor Shaffer said President Trump’s letter was a component part of his broader policy of appreciation of real allies. She noted that Azerbaijan has always been a reliable partner for the USA. B. Shaffer positively evaluated the fact that our country is a rapidly developing country of the region and it has made investments in a number of other countries. She brought to the notice that the cooperation between member-countries of the Turkic-speaking States’ Cooperation Council (TSCC) bears evidence of intra-regional integration.

Ambassador Suleymanov touching upon the online meeting held between Azerbaijan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Elmar Mammadyarov and the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs said Azerbaijan proceeds with its attempts to achieve peace even in the times of continuation of the pandemic. He touched upon the continuous rejection of proposals and choosing of self-isolation option by Armenia despite the fact that Azerbaijan has always supported peace and promoted regional partnership. The ambassador citing as an example of this the implementation of regional and international initiatives by Azerbaijan, and the coming together of the member countries of the European Union and the Non-Aligned Movement through the mediation of Azerbaijan using CISCO technology, noted that Armenia hasn’t refused the policy based on ethnic stereotypes.

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