Armenia should be forced to peace, a safe zone should be created on the border-ANALYSIS

Armenia should be forced to peace, a safe zone should be created on the border-ANALYSIS
# 13 September 2022 05:44 (UTC +04:00)

The armed forces of Armenia have been continuously committing provocations in the direction of Lachin and Kalbajar regions of the state border for the past month. Every day, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan publishes information about the firing of different types of weapons on the positions of the Army in the territory of those regions. In recent days, the number of these data has increased even more.

According to information, even if several times the intelligence-sabotage groups of the Armenian armed forces tried to infiltrate the territory of Azerbaijan, they were prevented from doing so. In recent days, Armenia has observed the collection of offensive weapons, heavy artillery and personnel along the borders of Azerbaijan.

Although it has been talked about many times, contrary to the Tripartite statement, armed equipment and military units belonging to the Armenian Armed Forces are still staying with and supporting illegal Armenian military separatists in the Azerbaijani territories where Russian peacekeepers are temporarily stationed. Armenian officials are busy deceiving the international community by denying this. In addition to all this, as a result of Armenia's thirty-year occupation of Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur, Azerbaijan has carried out large-scale and difficult humanitarian demining activities, but Armenia still continues to deliberately plant mines in the territories of Azerbaijan.

What is the purpose?

If we pay attention, the political and military leadership of Armenia deliberately escalates the situation in the region with the same provocations and military adventures every time the negotiations intensify, when there are signs of progress towards a peace agreement.

Although the leadership of Armenia makes false statements at the negotiating table and in meetings with the participation of international mediators, it uses all kinds of provocations to disrupt the negotiations on the peace agreement and to fail to fulfill its obligations under the tripartite statement of November 10, 2020, traditional hypocritically, he still tries to deceive all parties. In fact, the Armenian leadership has mobilized all its efforts to slow down the construction projects of Azerbaijan in Karabakh and East Zangezur, to prevent negotiations on a peace treaty.

Today, sticking to its traditional character, Armenia has again and more large-scale provocation at the state border of Azerbaijan at night. The military and political leadership of Armenia, which continues its provocations along the entire border, is responsible for what is happening now and for the serious obstacle it has created to achieve peace in the region.

The international community should react to such provocative behavior of Armenia against the humanitarian and peace-loving policy continuously implemented by Azerbaijan.

How to stop the provocations of Armenia?

One of the main issues is the creation of a safe zone near the border of Azerbaijan. Otherwise, Armenia's provocations will continue.

In parallel, Armenia should be forced to peace. The Armenian leadership should stop trying to find time for revanchism to take place by running on its patrons every time they commit provocations and make a hypocritical noise.

Armenia should be demanded to withdraw its last military equipment and soldiers from the territories of Azerbaijan under the control of Russian peacekeepers. Because this is a requirement of the tripartite statement.