Head of Working group of TABIB: “Currently, situation regarding coronavirus is critical”

Head of Working group of TABIB: “Currently, situation regarding coronavirus is critical”
  • Clock-gray 13:01
  • calendar-gray 23 October 2020

“The situation regarding coronavirus is currently critical, severe,” said the head of the Working group of TABIB Vasif Aliyev, APA reports. 

According to him, yesterday there were more than 800 cases, it is not known how many cases will be today and tomorrow, but it seems to be continuing in an increasing direction: “Of course it concerns us. Therefore we always warn people that the current situation may be worse. However, instead of being more careful, there is no strict discipline. People's compliance with these requirements should not only be left to their responsibility, at the same time there also should be strict discipline and control. I think that if the existing situation continues so, the conditions of the quarantine regime should be reviewed again.”

V. Aliyev said that Azerbaijan currently is in a war situation, everyone’s attention is directed to the frontline: “Of course, these are understandable, but now we have forgotten the coronavirus in rare front, we look at it as an ordinary enemy, our attention is not as previous. Mass gatherings occur in this regard. However, masks should be worn in closed places. After victory news comes from the front, people gather in one place, this joy is understandable, but we forget another enemy, coronavirus in this situation and allow it around us. I recommend that absolutely there should not be mass gatherings, it would be better for everyone to celebrate victory news at home.”






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