Director: Fire covers 5 ha area in Hirkan National Park

# 14:56
21 August 2019

Number of technology and live forces involved in extinguishing the fire at the Hirkan National Park has been announced, APA’s south bureau reports.

Director of Forest Development department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Aghagardash Garashov stated that the fire ahs been recorded in 22nd detour of Haftoni forestry of Hirkan National Park: “The fire covered 5 ha of the area as glades in the 10 ha field. 248 live forces, amphibian plane, 2 helicopters as well as 21 equipment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, employees of all departments of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, and local people were involved in the extinguishing of the fire”.

A.Garashov also noted that no one injured while putting off the fire: “DT 75 tractors could frame the fire area by carrying out ploughing work”.