Azerbaijani scientists obtained results in development of new-generation technologies for oil fields

# 11:50
14 August 2020

The present condition of issues of application of computer-aided training methods in oil and gas industry has been studied by the Information Technologies Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) and the conceptual digital twin model has been proposed for “Oil and gas 4.0”, the Information Technologies Institute told APA-Economics.

The studies have been implemented in the framework of the grant project entitled as “NG-AI4Oil: Development of new-generation artificial intellect technologies for oil fields” and financed by the Science Fund of the SOCAR Company.

As a result of the studies, also deep neuron network architectures have been developed for adaptation of geological models, the gradient boosting methods have been applied on decision trees in order to forecast the oil recovery factor of oil fields on the basis of the parameters characterizing layer, rock and liquid.

The development of the computer aided training methods for analysis of the well logging data, as well as the development of the theory of precedents and the methods and algorithms based on computer-aided training for the system of recommendation of geological and technical measures in oil wells are among the works done in the framework of the aforementioned scientific and research project.