State Customs Committee to fulfil forecast on revised budget - chairman

# 11:40
3 July 2017

“In the first six months of 2017, the State Customs Committee fulfilled the forecast. I hope we’ll fulfil the forecast on revised budget too”, he said.


On June 30, “Draft law on amendments to the “Law on state budget of Azerbaijan for 2017”” has been ratified at the plenary meeting of the parliament. According to amendments, the revenues of the state budget for 2017 will make up AZN 16,766,000,000 or 25.2% of GDP, up AZN 511 million or 3.1% from approved budget of 2017. The increase include AZN 250 million of allocations from central banks profit, AZN 135 million of transfers from Ministry of Taxes, AZN 50 million of transfers from the State Customs Committee and AZN 76 million from off-budget receipts.


Transfers from State Customs Committee (SCC) will make up AZN 2,250,000,000, up AZN 50 million or 2.3% from approved budget for 2017. Transfers from SCC are forecasted as follows: AZN 1,674,000,000 will come from value added tax, up AZN 35 million or 2.1% in comparison to the approved version; AZN 469 million from customs duties, up AZN 15 million or 3.3% from approved version.