Iranian President calls on Non-Aligned Movement member states to fight against US hegemony

# 16:11
25 October 2019

“The increase of developing countries’ power is persistence against the US’s hegemony. The US trigger conflicts in different parts of the world by increasing its military power. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed, these countries faced damage to billions of dollars. So extremism and terrorism are promoted. Although aggressive attempts failed, we should do our utmost in order to prevent US’s hegemony”, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in debate discussions in the XVIII Baku Summit of the heads of member states and governments of the Non-Aligned Movement today, APA reports.

H. Rouhani noted that US’s policy has caused the death of tens of thousands of US soldiers, spending billions of dollars, prevention of opening new working places, and some other problems.

Iranian President stated that violence is increasing in world countries, national sovereignty is violated: “Military conflicts and regional confrontations are increasing. So international rights and obligations are violated, internal affairs of various countries are intervened. Today the US uses different economic methods to achieve political aims. These measures, conducted in very boastful form, are equal to economic terrorism. In this case, members of the Non-Aligned Movement, which make up 2/3 of the world, can be mobilized, provide an implementation of international obligations, and can act as a single front to solve the problems”.

H. Rouhani emphasized that Iran has made a speech with proposals at the UN General Assembly. Resolutions have been adopted at the UN General Assembly In 2015: “There must be cooperation among the independent states to secure their interests. The solution to the conflicts in Syria, Yemen, and other countries is the non-interference of the internal affairs of other countries. We are on the front line for the resolution of conflicts. The participation of Turkey, Russia, and Iran in the peace format of Astana in Syria has provided peace in the majority of Syria. Due to that, the vast majority of refugees could return. Iran is in the front line in this area. We have proposed last week at the UN that peace should be ensured in the environment of friendship and brotherhood in the Persian Gulf. The foreign interference must also be prevented here. Peace and free movement of ships in the region must be provided by the efforts of countries in the region. Regional development is only about cooperation and joint participation”.

The Iranian President noted that Washington’s usage of dollar for its interests is observed by the domination of the U.S.A. over the world financial system: “And some of the Non-Aligned Movement members have been deprived of their access to international financial instruments. We can make joint efforts against negative situations. These are the issues that restrict our trade cooperation. We can propose alternatives and different initiatives, especially regarding the bank system. It is also possible to come up with cryptocurrency initiatives in this regard”.