4 people died of rabies last year in Azerbaijan

# 12:51
30 June 2020

Number of patients, recorded with different infectious diseases in 2019, has been announced, State Statistics Committee said as an answer to APA's query.

According to the information, 359 people have infected with salmonellosis, 34 people with anthrax, 551 people with brucellosis, and 5 people with rabies last year.

219 of those, who infected with salmonellosis have been men, while 140 have been women, 24 of those, who infected with anthrax have been men, while 10 have been women, 386 of those, who infected with the brucellosis have been men, while 16 have been women, 3 of those, who infected with rabies have been men, while 1 has been a woman.

It has been noted 1 person has died of salmonellosis disease, while 4 people, including 3 men, 1 woman, have died of rabies. It has been said that no death case in connection with malaria, anthrax, and brucellosis was recorded last year.

Note that no infection case of malaria has been recorded in Azerbaijan since 2013.