Methodical instructions on home monitoring of COVID-19 approved persons disclosed

# 12:28
27 June 2020

Methodical instructions on home monitoring of COVID-19 approved persons have been announced, APA reports.

According to the instructions, it is absolutely banned the patient to leave home or receive visitors during the monitoring period. The patient’s leaving home is controlled via special devices and software.

Noted that the health and condition of the patients whose monitoring is conducted at home, is kept under the control of family doctor until their recovery. Medical information of patient is shared with family doctor. During 14 days, every other day,  the patient's condition is studied and evaluated by telephone on the basis of the "COVID-19 patient monitoring form at home". The results of the monitoring are added in outpatient card.

The instruction reflects the recommendations on hygiene disinfection works, the rules of using medical masks, hygiene of hands.

Noted that observation of those who are over 65 years old or the patients with a risk factor that may cause severe COVID-19 should be implemented in medical institutions. Hospitalized or patients who meet the criteria for hospital discharge can complete their recovery period at home. The patient is provided with relevant antiviral treatment medicine and sent home. And after discharging from hospital the monitoring of the patient is carried out by relevant family health center.