Use of beaches to be restricted in regions where quarantine regime is toughened

# 20:06
18 June 2020

“The full restriction will be imposed on use of beaches in the regions where the toghening of trhe quarantine regime is applied”, said today Ramin Bayramli, chairman of Board of Administration of Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB) , at the press conference of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan, APA reports.

He said unlike the previous restrictions, as the parks, boulevard are open during the period when leaving home by means of SMS permission system is allowed, this issue is being elaborated currently:


Probably, the additional information on this matter will be given by our other institutions. In terms of prevention of dense gathering of people, the issuance of permission will be possible by regulation of hours. In other words, similarly to the times when the period of going out for shopping and for attending doctor was determined by means of SMS permission, this issue will be approached in the same framework. The additional information regarding this matter will be given tomorrow”.