Assistant to President: Agriculture less-developed than other fields

Assistant to President: Agriculture less-developed than other fields
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  • calendar-gray 20 December 2017

Agriculture is one of sustainable and significant conditions of economy. We have to take into account that the agriculture is a field with a synergistic effect. In other words, development of agriculture leads to development of other fields, Assistant to the President for Agrarian Policy Issues, Head of Department Azer Amiraslanov said.  


According to him, food safety also depends on development of the agriculture: ‘As we know, the agriculture is a matter almost at the level of national security, economic security. We must take into consideration that half of our population lives in the rural areas. This means that the agriculture is a basis for social life, better living in the rural areas’.


The assistant to the president noted that 38% of employed people is in the villages.


According to the UN calculations, the agriculture plays great role in reduction of poverty.

He noted that the agriculture less-developed than other fields: ‘As this sector is risky, the state always provides support to it. We think that newly-established bodies will operate on the basis of reasonable principles. These principles are the main factor taking us to the successes’.


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