Huge US lawsuits seek break up of Facebook

Huge US lawsuits seek break up of Facebook
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  • calendar-gray 10 December 2020

US federal regulators and more than 45 state prosecutors have sued Facebook, accusing the social media company of taking illegal actions to buy up rivals and stifle competition, APA reports citing BBC.

The lawsuits are one of the most significant legal actions the US government has taken against the firm.

Officials are asking the court to consider breaking up the company, which also owns Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook has previously defended its actions.

Officials said the lawsuits by the states and Federal Trade Commission (FTC)were focused on Facebook's 2012 acquisition of Instagram, 2014 purchase of WhatsApp and rules governing outside software developers.

They said Facebook had taken a "buy or bury" approach to potential rivals, hurting competitors and users, who have lost control of their own data to support the firm's advertising revenue.

"No company should have this much unchecked power over our personal interaction and social interactions," said New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is leading the legal fight by the states. "That's why we are taking action today."


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