Azerbaijani Army destroys two Chinese-made WM-80 MRLs of Armenia - VIDEO

Azerbaijani Army destroys two Chinese-made WM-80 MRLs of Armenia - VIDEO
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  • calendar-gray 09 October 2020

The Azerbaijani Army has destroyed two WM-80 multiple rocket launchers (MRL) belonging to the Armenian Armed Forces, APA reports.

Two 273 mm WM-80 MRLs were destroyed by suicide drones.

The WM-80 multiple launch rocket system was developed by China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO) based on the indigenous Type 83 273mm 4-tube artillery rocket system. The WM-80 did not enter PLA service, possibly due to the introduction of the more capable A-100 artillery rocket system. 

NORINCO introduced the truck-mounted WM-80 273mm multiple launch rocket systems in the 1990s as a follow on to the tracked chassis-mounted Type 83 developed in the early 1980s. China’s first advanced artillery rocket system, the WM-80 was upgraded with a number of new features to improve its performance, including a computerized fire-control system and modular launcher box design for fast reloading. With a maximum firing range of 80km, the weapon system was intended to be used at corps-level to provide long-range intensive firepower against large area targets.

The WM-80 fires 273mm free rockets. Each rocket is 4,582mm long and weighs 505kg. When fired, the rockets carrying 150kg warhead reach a maximum height of 31,000m and out to maximum range of 80km. Time of flight is about 165 seconds. Minimum range is 34,000m and circular error probable (CEP) is quoted as between 12% of range. The rocket is stabilised by tail fins and high-speed spin generated by a spin motor.


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