Azerbaijanis in Canada protested against BBC

Azerbaijanis in Canada protested against BBC
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  • calendar-gray 01 October 2020

The Azerbaijani community of Azerbaijani Canadian Multicultural Center expressed its protest against the biased report and articles about Garabagh conflict broadcasted on BBC, the State Committee on Work with Diaspora told APA.

It is said in the open letter addressed to BBC that the Azerbaijani community are deeply worried about broadcasting of reports and articles of disinformation nature about the military operations conducted in Garabagh recently.

"We are especially worried about articles entitled as "Armenia says its aircraft was shot by Turkey" dated September 29, 2020 and entiutled as “Azerbaijan and Turkey will destroy Armenian population of Nagorno Garabagh" dated September 28, 2020. In any case, BBC has published Armenians’ groundless claims without any proofSuch groundless claims undoubtedly serve for undermining of prestige of Azerbaijanis and Turks on international arena and unfair manipulation of public opinion".

Our compatriots reminding the significance of objectivity of journalist’s version of events for prevention of disinformation and expressing their regret for dissemination of unchecked news and titles by the British mass media outlet, stressed the importance of correction of erroneousness: "We, the Canadians, hope that BBC doesn’t consider as a priority any point other than public interest. We believe that BBC being the prestigious news agency is ready to re-consider the groundless information in the published articles, to clarify inaccurate information and to prefer public interest".

Asmar Gabil

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