Azerbaijan's Constitutional Court approves results of the parliamentary elections - UPDATED-3

Azerbaijan's Constitutional Court approves results of the parliamentary elections - UPDATED-3
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  • calendar-gray 05 March 2020

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan has approved the results of early parliamentary elections held on 9 February, APA reports.

After the meeting, Chairman of the Constitutional Court Farhad Abdullayev announced the decision of the Plenum of the Constitutional Court.


According to the decision, the Constitutional Court approved the results of the elections.


The leading professor of the Constitutional law department of the law faculty of Baku State University Nasib Shukurov and the professor of the same department, Philosophy Doctor in juridical sciences Gulshan Jabi has come up with speeches at the meeting in the capacity of experts. N. Shukurov said the elections on February 9 were held in accordance with the Constitution, in a free, fair and democratic manner, and gave favorable praise of the election process.

And Ulduza Hamidova and Gulnar Ahmadova have come up with the statement drawn up by the group of specialists consisting of employees of the State Statistics Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic. They also answered the questions of the judges.

Then the judges went into executive session.

After the session, the decision of the Constitutional Court regarding the results of the parliamentary elections will be announced.   


The chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Mazahir Panahov addressing the meeting said the parliamentary candidacies of 2,431 were put forward due to elections to the Azerbaijani Parliament, 2,247 persons were given signature sheets, 1,774 persons returned signature sheets, the parliamentary candidacies of 1,637 persons were registered, from them 323 persons decided to suspend struggle after being registered and finally the names of 1,314 candidates were included into voting ballots. The election was observed by 883 international observers from 59 international organizations representing 58 countries, 199 international mass media representatives from 132 international mass media outlets, and 77,790 local observers.

The candidates of 19 political parties participated in the election. The candidates didn’t encounter any restrictions in holding meetings with voters, and the promotion process was implemented on a broad scale. The voter turnout was 46.84 percent. In other words, from the total 5,359,015 (five million three hundred fifty-nine thousand fifteen) voters included in the voter lists 2,510,135 (two million five hundred ten thousand one hundred thirty-five) voters participated in the election.

The CEC chairman said as a result of a full, transparent and comprehensive investigation of the received appeals, by the Commission’s decision, the elections to the Azerbaijani Parliament over the first Khatai constituency #33, the third Khatai constituency #35, Lankaran rural constituency #74 and Imishli-Beylagan constituency #80 were considered invalid.


A meeting of the Plenum of the Constitutional Court has kicked off over special constitutional proceedings, APA reports.

The issues regarding checking and adopting the results of snap parliamentary elections held on February 9 are being reviewed at the meeting.

Announcing the meeting open, Farhad Abdullayev, the chairman of the Azerbaijan Constitutional Court presented to staff and secretary of court. Reporter judge started to inform about the scheduling, holding, and finals of parliamentary elections.


The Plenum of the Constitutional Court will hold a meeting over special constitutional proceedings today, APA reports.

The results of snap parliamentary elections will be reviewed at the meeting.

The early parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan were held on 9 February.


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