WAC condemned provocations committed by Armenians in Los Angeles

WAC condemned provocations committed by Armenians in Los Angeles
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  • calendar-gray 23 July 2020

The World Azerbaijanis’ Congress (WAC) issued statement regarding the incidents occurred in Los Angeles City of the USA, APA reports.

The statement reads as follows: "On July 21, the Armenians living in Los Angeles staged protest campaign with provocative slogans in front of building of the General Consulate of the Azerbaijan Republic. In response to the campaign of the Armenian radical forces, the members of the Azerbaijani community living in California marched out toward the Armenian provocateurs who outnumbered them by several times and enchanted slogans exposing Armenia’s occupational policy against Azerbaijan. The Armenian radicals who were unable to see and listen to the truth demonstrated violence and aggression against the peaceful Azerbaijani demonstrators, and even the Los Angeles police responsible for ensuring security couldn’t prevent their act of vandalism. The Armenians attacking the Azerbaijani demonstrators inflicted injuries of various degrees on 7 persons including one woman. Such incidents have occurred in many cities of the world and these occurrences show that both Armenia’s leaders and the Armenian Diaspora abroad are the direct ideologists and executors of the aggressive policy". 

The World Azerbaijanis’ Congress announcing that irrespective of his/her place of residence, no Azerbaijani will retreat from the fight for restoration of territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan, demands taking of resolute measures required by law against violence and barbarism of the Armenian Diaspora in Los Angeles City of the USA, as well as in other European countries.

Note that the statement has been side by the WAC co-chairmen - Sabir Rustamkhanly and Firudin Parviz Nia.

Saljug Elchin

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