Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan makes statement on terrorist attacks in Tehran

Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan makes statement on terrorist attacks in Tehran
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  • calendar-gray 08 June 2017

Iran’s Embassy in Azerbaijan has released a statement on the terrorist attacks committed in Tehran on Wednesday.


Strongly condemning the terrorist attacks, the embassy said that since its establishment, Iran has witnessed many painful events, APA reported.


“Iran has achieved stability precisely as a result of the fight against terrorism and the protection of internal security. Iran is one of the region's most stable and democratic countries,” the embassy said in the statement.


The embassy also pointed to the presidential election recently held in Iran in safe conditions with the participation of more than 73 percent of the population. 


“Our country always follows the course of preserving peace and stability in the region,” said the Iranian embassy, noting that yesterday’s terror attacks can be described as a reflection of the concern of enemies of peace in the region.


“Such events will not have any negative impact on the will of the Iranian state and its people who support peace, security, prosperity and development in the region. The great people of Iran consider it their responsibility to strengthen peace and tranquility, as well as to intensify fight against terrorism,” the embassy added.


Two separate attacks shook Tehran on June 7. As reports said, several armed people tried to break their way into the Parliament building.


The attackers managed to get inside the building and engaged in a shootout with the security forces. One terrorist committed suicide by blowing himself up. The latest reports indicate that all four terrorists who took part in the siege of the parliament building have been killed.


Meanwhile, another attack took place at the Imam Khomeini Shrine. The reports said Iran's security forces neutralized one terrorist, another one committed suicide.


A separate terrorist group in the country has been detained before it managed to carry out any terror attack. Fars news agency issued a report saying that ISIL claimed responsibility for the terror attacks in Tehran.





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