Tehran says UN chief’s reports have no values in eyes of Islamic Republic

Tehran says UN chief’s reports have no values in eyes of Islamic Republic
  • Clock-gray 11:45
  • calendar-gray 02 March 2018

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi made the remarks in reaction to a recent report by the UN Secretary General António Guterres on the situation of human rights in Iran, APA reported citing IRNA.


Referring to the report prepared and released for presentation at the ongoing session of the UN Human Rights Council, Qasemi said: 'As we have witnessed before, such reports have many fundamental flaws both in nature and from procedural point of view and thus have no values in the eyes of the Islamic Republic.'


The Foreign Ministry spokesman said the UN chief's report, besides having many flaws, is based on some unfair resolutions and contains unreliable sources and information that are totally untrue and valueless. Moreover, Qasemi said, by ignoring the measures taken and progress made by the Islamic Republic in the field of human rights, the report has been prepared in an imbalanced and impartial manner.


Pointing to certain approaches based on dual-standard policies and instrumental use of human rights, Qasemi said the Islamic Republic has always believed that while many parts of the world and some Middle Eastern countries are facing human catastrophe and tragic conditions as a result of brutal wars imposed on them, the current political games and adoption of dual standard policies will only lead to damaging the trust of the international community in the United Nations.

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