Lavrov-Mirzoyan talks to be intense - Russian experts-FORECAST

Lavrov-Mirzoyan talks to be intense - Russian experts-FORECAST
# 20 March 2023 10:40 (UTC +04:00)

A meeting between the foreign ministers of Russia and Armenia will be held in Moscow today. According to the information released by the Russian Foreign Ministry, Lavrov Mirzoyan's talks will discuss the situation on the Lachin road and the implementation of tripartite agreements on Karabakh.

Russian experts announced their expectations from the Lavrov-Mirzoyan talks to APA's Moscow office. According to them, the Lavrov-Mirzoyan talks will be intense and tough.

Sergey Markov: "Armenia brings the EU mission to the region and uses it as leverage and pressure on Russia"

Director of the Russian Institute of Political Studies, political scientist Sergey Markov told APA's Moscow correspondent that Moscow is very dissatisfied with Yerevan's policy: "The talks between the foreign ministers of Russia and Armenia will be tense. Because Russia is dissatisfied with the European Union military-civilian mission of Armenia to the region. Russia is very dissatisfied that Armenia is sabotaging its activities in the CSTO. From Russia's point of view, Armenia is clearly turning its back on Russia and moving towards the west. At the same time, Armenia is also dissatisfied with Russia. Armenia is dissatisfied because Russia does not take Yerevan's side in the conflict with Azerbaijan. By bringing the EU mission to the region, Armenia uses it as leverage and pressure on Russia. Russia does not want to take a strict pro-Armenian position. Because Russia and Azerbaijan are friendly countries. Russia recognizes Karabakh as a part of Azerbaijan. However, Moscow does not want Armenia to leave its alliance in the region. It seems that a satisfactory result will not be achieved from these negotiations," said the Russian political scientist.

Dmitry Solomnikov: "Iravan blackmails Moscow"

Director of the Institute of Modern State Development, political expert Dmitri Solomnikov told APA that progress should not be expected from the talks between the foreign ministers of Russia and Armenia.

"I think that the negotiations will pass the standard. The parties will express their views on the development of the situation. They will publicly express their support for a peaceful settlement. We will not witness any serious change of position in the public statements of the parties. The process of what is happening now, that is, Armenia placing the EU mission in the region, Yerevan refusing military-technical cooperation with Russia and CSTO, will take a long time. At the Lavrov-Mirzayan meeting, no knots will be untied in this regard. Because Armenia uses this situation as an excuse to blackmail Moscow. Yerevan is blackmailing Moscow by cooperating with the West to side with Yerevan in the conflict with Azerbaijan. Of course, Russia will not retreat from its position. Russia will not take a pro-Armenian position. Moscow will continue to hold its current position. Under no circumstances will he give up the policy of good neighborliness with Azerbaijan. Currently, Russia mostly supports the policy of Azerbaijan. Because Baku's position is more constructive, systematic and fair," the Russian political expert added.

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