Pakistani ambassador congratulates Azerbaijani people on Victory Day

Pakistani ambassador to Azerbaijan, Bilal Hayee

© APA | Pakistani ambassador to Azerbaijan, Bilal Hayee

# 07 November 2022 18:16 (UTC +04:00)

The Pakistani ambassador to Azerbaijan, Bilal Hayee, congratulated the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of Victory Day, APA reports citing the embassy.

“Dear brothers and sisters, I greet you on behalf of the people of Pakistan. I heartily congratulate all the people of Azerbaijan on the second anniversary of Victory Day. November 8 became a successful day in the history of Azerbaijan.

Today, it commemorates the heroic struggle of the Azerbaijani people for the defense of their homeland and the liberation of their occupied lands.

Azerbaijan's victory in November 2020 was the victory of the just over the unjust. It was proof that illegal occupation cannot last long, and sooner or later, the occupier will have to face reality.

I am pleased to say that Azerbaijan’s Victory Day is also celebrated in Pakistan. Azerbaijani flags are waving in Pakistan. The government and people of Pakistan wish success to all Azerbaijani people on this auspicious day.

Pakistan will continue to support Azerbaijan's efforts to promote peace, stability, and prosperity throughout the region. Long live Pakistan-Azerbaijani friendship," the congratulatory message reads.