Main symptoms of coronavirus

Main symptoms of coronavirus
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Based on the information given at the meeting of Emergency Cases Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) held on January 23, the number of cases of appeal regarding coronavirus has increased in China, and the infection cases have been recorded in 557 persons, and 17 of them have resulted in death. And according to information disseminated by Chinese sources, the number of people having caught coronavirus infection has exceeded 830, and the number of people having died from this virus has exceeded 26. The report says the transmission of the virus from human to human has been recorded, and it is assumed that the disease can spread to other countries.

The APA news agency, taking into consideration the scale of the danger, presents the main symptoms of the coronavirus:

The specialist in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology Vasif Aliyev said in a statement to APA the incubation period of the disease lasts for 2-14 days. In other words, after being infected with the virus the time of commencement of complaints ranges between 2 days and 2 weeks: “The disease can be mostly manifested in high temperature (38-39 degrees), coughing, problems in breathing passages and nasal run. The extent of aggravation is different depending on a person. In healthy and young people, this disease develops in a more easy way. In the people at the age of over 65, suffering from diabetes, chronic renal insufficiency, chronic heart disease, taking medicines due to cancer and rheumatologic disease, the coronavirus-borne disease can develop more gravely”.

The doctor said in order to prevent the spread of the disease it is necessary to keep clear of people having complaints related to the disease and having high body temperature: “Hands should be washed regularly, warm cloths should be worn. It is necessary to avoid contact with live and dead animals because this disease is transmitted from animals. The coronavirus was detected in people having visited a market selling sea products in China. Later it became known that this disease can be transmitted from contact with not only animals but also with humans. The coronavirus was also detected in members of families of the infected people in China”.

V. Aliyev noted that coronavirus is a virus that is most common in rodents, bats, camels, and cats. This disease does not transmit through food. It is mostly transmitted to people as a result of contact with animals infected with this virus, i.e. it is a disease-transmitting through respiratory tract: “There is no concrete treatment method of the disease. There are neither vaccination, immunotherapy, nor the medicine treatment against a virus. Therefore the best way is to avoid contact. If people have a fever who came from the countries where the disease is spread, especially from China, Thailand, these persons should be taken under control. Those persons should be examined at the airport and should be investigated whether they have been infected with a virus or not.”

The infectologist stressed that the disease should only be revealed by the analysis of smear taken from the nose and pharynx.

Asmar Gabil

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