Members of a criminal group preparing fake mortgage documents detained in Baku

# 14:19
28 September 2019

In Baku, members of an organized criminal group have been detained who deceived taxi drivers by showing fake mortgage documents, the press service of  Ministry of Internal Affairs told APA.

Employees of the Main Organized Crime Department detained members of a criminal group who engaged in fraud, abusing the trust of citizens.

During the operation, previously convicted Elmaddin Kazimov, Elchin Behbudov, as well as Samir Huseynli and Vusal Zohrabov were detained. Note that to deceive taxi drivers has been proposed by Kazimov.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the members of the group have approached different taxi drivers as a customer near the metro stations of Nizami and Khatai districts and presented them fake document as a mortgage certificate and then asked them to take them to the specified address. After that, one of the detainees connected the taxi driver by telephone with another member of the group, who was nearby. He asked the taxi driver to hand over a certain amount of money to the person next to him and promised that he would return the money more than the expected amount when he brought him the documents. Taxi drivers gave money and, together with documents for a mortgage, drove to the specified address. But seeing that no one was meeting them, they realized that they had become victims of fraudsters and that the documents were fake.

Currently, measures are being taken to identify the remaining victims of unlawful acts by members of the group.