Ali Insanov transferred to maximum security jail

# 12:32
24 July 2017

A cassation appeal was submitted to the Supreme Court about imprisoned Minister of Health Ali Insanov, attorney Togrul Babayev told APA.


The trial will be held in the near future.


The lawyer added that Insanov was transferred from the investigation isolator to maximum security jail #11. According to Babayev, his attorney met with him and Hasanov was in normal condition.


It should be noted that the criminal case against former Health Minister Ali Insanov has recently been completed in Garadagh District Court. The verdict sentenced Ali Insanov to 7 years and 5 days in prison. The appeal filed against the verdict has been denied.


Former health minister Ali Insanov is charged under three articles—234.1 (Illegal purchase or storage without a purpose of selling of narcotics or psychotropic substances in a quantity (amount) exceeding necessary for personal consumption), 315.2 (Application of violence, resistance with application of violence concerning the representative of authority in connection with performance of official duties by him or application of the violence not dangerous to life or health concerning his close relatives, as well as threat of application of such violence, application of the violence dangerous to life or health, concerning persons specified in this article) and 317-2.1 (Threat on application of violence concerning employees of criminal - executive establishments or investigator isolators, and also concerning condemned with a purpose to prevent his correction or from revenge for execution of public duties by him).


Insanov detained in October, 2005 was convicted of a number of serious criminal offences, including embezzlement of public funds and arranging for unlawful privatization of State-owned property assets, and sentenced in April 2007 to 11 years’ imprisonment, with confiscation of property and a three-year ban on holding public office. His prison term was to expire in October 2016