Azerbaijani State Security Service calls on residents of frontline settlements to carefully use Internet, mobile technologies

# 10:11
12 September 2017

As the line of contact between Azerbaijani and Armenian troops is close to Azerbaijan’s settlements, the deployment of military equipment and personnel of the Azerbaijani army to this territory can, in most cases, be observed by local residents, and it turns them into an importance source of information, said State Security Service Deputy Head Ilgar Musayev.


Musayev made the remarks while addressing the forum of youth of the occupied and frontline areas entitled "Always ready to defend the Motherland" in Guzanli settlement of Azerbaijan’s Aghdam district Sept. 12.


He noted that some citizens share their views on the military and security measures they witness, as well as photo and video materials on social networks and through mobile phones: “Thus, they, in fact, cause the leakage of information that may help the enemy assess the operational situation on the front line and take preventive measures against our army. Such cases are a serious threat to the lives of officers and soldiers serving in the battlefield, while harming the measures carried out to safeguard the civilian population and to prevent the provocations of the enemy in time. In general, every citizen, especially residents of settlements adjacent to the contact line, must seriously comprehend the responsibility of this issue and refrain from disseminating any information that may damage public security.”


According to him, the investigations show that enemy attaches great importance to gathering information from social networks.


“That is why we call on residents of frontline settlements to be careful when using the Internet and mobile technologies and not to join an unknown and open WiFi which can be especially created by the enemy. We must never forget that we are at war,” he added.