Georgia imported 89 thousand tons of automobile fuel from Azerbaijan this year

# 12:26
14 July 2020

During January-June of this year, Georgia imported 88.8 thousand tons of automobile fuel from Azerbaijan, Georgia’s Oil Products Importers Association says, APA’s local bureau reports.

It was stated that the import of fuel from Azerbaijan accounted for 17.8% of Georgia’s total import. By this indicator, Azerbaijan became the third main fuel supplier of Georgia. Meanwhile, Russia with 90.2 thousand tons (18.1%) and Romania with 90.2 thousand tons (18.1%) settled down on the first and the second places correspondingly.

During the initial six months of the current year, Georgia imported 50.3 thousand tons of fuel from Turkmenistan (10.1%), 36.6 thousand tons (7.4%) from Bulgaria, 21.4 thousand tons (4.3%) from Greece, 20.3 thousand tons (4.1%) from Kazakhstan, and 9.1 thousand tons (1.8%) from Turkey.