Tarantino told how many times he watched his new film

# 16:29
8 August 2019

The American director Quentin Tarantino in an interview with "Gazeta.Ru" told how many times he watched his new film "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood.", APA reports citing Tellerreport.

“In the USA, the film was released the year before last, and I went to it a lot of times - in all places of Los Angeles. Yes, of course, I did not watch it from beginning to end in each of these visits, probably only in six cases, ”he said.

According to Tarantino, he tried to capture certain moments and watch how the audience reacted to them.

For example, this is a scene with Bruce Lee. As the director explained, he watched the audience if it would react “correctly”.

“Oh, reacted. So I did everything right. Then I go to another hall of the same cinema and watch how people will perceive the ending. And then I’m going to another part of the city to understand how they will react there, ”the director said.