Jean-Claude Juncker: "I will personally do everything I can to prevent a disorderly Brexit"

# 18:48
3 April 2019

“No deal” is now a very likely scenario, the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said at the European Parliament’s plenary session, ONA reports.

The President added that this is not the outcome he wants, but the EU is ready for this and has taken measures to mitigate the worst impact of a “no-deal” scenario.   

“We have been preparing since December 2017. We have always known that the logic of Article 50 makes a “no-deal” the default outcome. We have long been aware of the balance of power in the House of Commons.”

“The measures will make sure that EU and UK citizens can continue to live and work where they are at the moment. They make sure that planes can take off and land. We have adapted our financial instrument to make it possible to help fishing communities. We have identified the ways in which law enforcement cooperation can continue. We have taken steps to mitigate disruption on our financial markets.”

“The measures we have taken are time-limited and unilateral. They provide a cushion for key EU interests at least until the end of the year. But disruption will be inevitable for citizens, for businesses and for almost every sector.”

President Juncker added that the EU will not kick any Member State out.

“I will personally do everything I can to prevent a disorderly Brexit and I expect political leaders across the EU27 and in the United Kingdom to do the same,” he said.