MENR: Forest area of 57 ha and 11 natural monuments were destroyed in Fuzuli

# 09:35
28 April 2021

"In total, about 5,000 kinds of plants are observed Azerbaijan flora. 2,200 or 42% of those, which spread in Karabakh and surrounding territories. Fuzuli district is one of the most interesting regions of Karabakh from a biodiversity point of view. Total area of forest fund of the region made up 124 hectares until occupation, of which 108 hectares were covered with forests," Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Vugar Karimov told journalists, APA reports.

Deputy Minister noted that according to satellite descriptions, forest area of 57 hectares has been determined to be destroyed during occupation: "There were 11 Oriental planes in the district, which had a status of natural monument, once and all of these trees were destroyed during occupation. Armenians set fires on the roots of the hundreds-year-old trees besides cutting them. 

Setting fire on 1800-2000-year-old oriental planes, which was included in the world heritage list as a nature monument, by Armenians is an ecocide action against not only Azerbaijan, but also the world."