30 people hiding abroad detained and brought to Azerbaijan

30 people hiding abroad detained and brought to Azerbaijan
  • Clock-gray 15:44
  • calendar-gray 25 January 2021

During last year, 9455 criminal cases against 10849 persons in the courts of first instance, 2949 cases against 3292 persons in the courts of appeal, 1097 cases against 1314 persons in the court of cassation (including 13501 cases against 15455 persons in all courts of first instance) and materials on simplified pre-trial proceedings have been considered and the final decisions have been made with the participation of prosecutors of the office of the Prosecutor General for the Defense of Public Prosecutions, APA reports.

It has been noted at the board meeting held at the Prosecutor General's Office.

It has been noted that in the reporting period, 17421 appeals have been registered in the "Call Center" No. 961 established in the Prosecutor General's Office  in order to consider the received applications timely and correctly, explane the rights of citizens  appealed for different areas thoroughly and completely, and because 653 of them are the criminal information, they were registered and assigned to the relevant structural units for investigation, and the relevant explanations have been provided on others.

It has been noted that despite of difficulties due to coronavirus last year, 30 people, that accused of committing grave and especially grave crimes and hiding abroad to evade justice, have been detained and extradited as a result of effective cooperation with the relevant bodies of foreign countries and international organizations in order to increase the international prestige of the prosecutor's office.


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