ANAMA demines highway leading to liberated Sugovushan - UPDATED

ANAMA demines highway leading to liberated Sugovushan  - UPDATED
# 29 November 2020 15:25 (UTC +04:00)

"Operational measures are ongoing to reconstruct the Tartar-Sugovushan road, to clear the area from mines and unexploded ordnance," Chief of the ANAMA Operational Headquarters Idris Ismailov said, APA reports.

He noted that here work on clearing the territory has been carried out for 10 days by hand, with the help of mechanical machines and mine detectors: "To date, 169 unexploded anti-tank and anti-personnel mines and ammunition have been found and cleared. 8 km of the road with a total length of 10 km has already been cleared. The rest of the road will also be cleared in the last few days. As a result of measures taken since September 27, 750 unexploded ordnance, 4,500 antipersonnel mines and about 2,000 anti-tank mines were found and seized. The work continues. It is planned to complete the cleaning of the territory and settlements in 3-5 years, to complete these works in full within 10 years. That is, for 10 years, it is planned to solve all the problems associated with mines, to completely clean up high-mountainous territories and pastures from mines. The return of the population is planned earlier."