Azerbaijani community held a protest action in front of the French National Assembly -PHOTO-UPDATED

Azerbaijani community held a protest action in front of the French National Assembly -PHOTO -UPDATED
# 28 November 2022 22:20 (UTC +04:00)

On November 28, the Azerbaijani community living in Europe held a peaceful protest near the French National Assembly in response to the discussion of the resolution against Azerbaijan, APA reports.

During the protest, our compatriots held in their hands photos depicting the massacres committed by the Armenian armed forces against Azerbaijanis, and the Khojaly genocide, including photos of mercilessly murdered peaceful Azerbaijani women and children, and displayed posters with slogans like "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!", "We demand justice!", "We say NO to terrorism!", "The National Assembly must be fair!", "Stop the hypocrisy!", "France must be neutral for the establishment of peace in the South Caucasus!", "End Armenian terrorism!", "Don't follow Armenian lies!", "Stop double standards!", "Don't support the aggressor country!"

Noting that the draft resolution is unfair and does not reflect reality, our compatriots assessed the infamous document as part of the biased campaign against Azerbaijan by the Armenian lobby and their patrons. Emphasizing that they only defend the interests of Armenians, they strongly condemned and rejected this biased attitude.

Recalling the importance of France's neutrality for the establishment of lasting peace in the South Caucasus, the protestors noted that such an ill-considered step would cause serious consequences and could rekindle the conflict in the region.

Diaspora activists speaking on behalf of the Azerbaijani community - lawyer Zaur Sadigbeyli living in France, Mehriban Ovchuyeva, coordinator of the Coordinating Council of French Azerbaijanis, well-known British journalist and political scientist Dr. Neil Watson, French lawyer Mile Ben Said Basma, president of the Azerbaijan House in Paris, secretary general of the Association of Friends of Azerbaijan in France Mirvari Fataliyeva, head of the Congress of Benelux Azerbaijanis Elsever Mammadov, coordinator of the Coordination Council of Belgian-Netherlands Azerbaijanis, Mayisa Aghamirzayeva, chairman of the European Azerbaijani Women's Union "Motherland", Ilhan Ashkin, chairman of the Dutch Azerbaijani-Turkish Cultural Association and others called on the French deputies to be fair, to say no to terrorism, to contribute to the establishment of peace in the region, at least to remain neutral, not to sow seeds of discord between nations, and to hold balanced debates.

The resolution of the protest action was submitted to the French National Assembly.

Notably, in today's session of the French National Assembly, the infamous resolution was removed from the discussion. At the time of publication, there was no word on whether the discussion of the document would be put on tomorrow's agenda.


Azerbaijanis living in Europe are holding a peaceful protest near the National Assembly, the lower house of the French parliament, in response to the discussion of the anti-Azerbaijani resolution, APA reports.

Azerbaijanis in Europe said that the resolution against the country is unfair and biased.

Notably, on November 3, the French Senate was submitted a draft resolution against Azerbaijan. The draft resolution prepared by six members of the Senate includes a call to the French authorities and European Union countries to impose an embargo on oil and gas imported from Azerbaijan.