Azerbaijani President’s activity further strengthened his positive image in public opinion - SURVEY

Azerbaijani President’s activity further strengthened his positive image in public opinion - SURVEY
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Social Research Center has published a report “Activity of President in public opinion” on October edition of the “Faith index” magazine, the Center told APA.

The areal of the survey for the preparation of the report has been determined on the economic regions of Azerbaijan.

14 ASAN service centers in the regions have implemented survey methodology which also covered the population of all surrounding regions.

In total 1316 respondents took part in the public survey. They were not only chosen occasionally, but every second person using service centers was also chosen. By using this method, both representativeness have been provided, and large social-demographic groups of the population have been covered and the error rate is statistically 3%.

The “face-to-face” method has been used for the conduction of the survey and results have been processed in the "SurveyToGo" program. Fieldworks lasted from October 29 to November 5 of the current year. The results of surveys have been analyzed by Statistical Program Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Correlations have also been determined among variables, besides descriptive analysis. 

The questionnaire includes 13 main and 5 demographic questions and has been conducted in three main areas:
- President’s speeches on the international arena regarding Armenia’s occupational attitude and Nagorno-Karabakh problem;
- the staff changes and structural reforms implemented on the basis of the orders signed in October;
- evaluation of the President’s activities in various spheres.

According to demographic indicators of the questionnaire, the 1316 respondents include 67.6% men and 32.4% women.

The main age group is 26-35, i.e. 34.3% of all respondents. In terms of the level of education, the persons with complete secondary education accounted for majority i.e. 45.1% of the respondents.

According to the results of the monthly monitoring of public opinion about the activity of President of Azerbaijan Republic conducted by Social Researches Center, the growth was observed in the rating of President during October of 2019. 

The results of the survey conducted by the Center show that the activities of President Ilham Aliyev in the international arena and inside the country are considered by people as quite efficient and significant in terms of defense of national interests and provision of national welfare. The activity of the President during October has further strengthened his positive image in public opinion. In general, 77.5% of the citizens stated the growth of their confidence and trust in the country’s President, and 18,1 percent of the respondents stated the continuation of the previous stable confidence and trust.
The President’s statement reading as “Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan and exclamatory mark” made during his speech at the plenary session of the Valdai discussion club on October 3 has caused the growth of patriotic feelings among the people and growth of confidence and trust in the government. This is the opinion of 85.8% of the respondents. And 76.9% of the respondents think that the President’s speech at the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club has been effective in terms of the weakening of Armenia’s position on the international arena. In general, 84.9% of respondents have highly appreciated the President’s speech at the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club.

The President’s speech at the Summit of the Heads of State of CIS countries held in Ashgabad on October 11 was appraised by 85% of the respondents. The accusation by Azerbaijani President of Armenia of glorification of fascism by means of the sound arguments and the inessential response of the opposite party have shown that President Ilham Aliyev successfully continues the attacking diplomacy. Every four from 5 respondents think that the speech of President Ilham Aliyev at the Summit of the Heads of State of CIS countries held in Aşgabad city has been a solid action in the area of the unmasking of Armenia as a supporter of fascism ideas. 80.1% of respondents think that this speech will also be effective in terms of resolution of the conflict.

The President’s speeches at the VII Summit of Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States on October 15 and at XVIII Summit of Non-Aligned Movement on October 25-26 are considered very significant by 80.9% of the respondents in terms of strengthening of international image of Azerbaijan, delivery to the attention of the international community of the truths related to the status of the conflict and the justified position of Azerbaijan.

The respondents have quite high expectations in regard to structural and staff reforms implemented by the President in October. The results of the survey showed that the confidence of the people in the reforms implemented by the President is at the highest level. In general, Ümumilikdə, 87.6% of the respondents support and consider as significant the reforms implemented by the President. 

The highest evaluated area of activity of the President in October is the sphere of army-building. For instance, Thus, 92.7% of the respondents mentioned the successful activity of the President in the area of development of the army and the Armed Forces in general. Besides, 92.4% of the respondents consider as successful the foreign political activity of the country’s President.

The survey of opinions conducted in October showed that the public support for the President’s staff reforms was increasingly growing. For instance, while this support amounted to 74% in June of the current year, it equaled to 86.5% in October. And this testifies to the fact that the continuous staff reforms are appreciated by the citizens as a single option method of provision of national welfare.

It can be claimed on the basis of the responses of the respondents that there is a need for further improvement of activity of relevant governmental structures in regard to the non-oil sector. Thus, although many works have been implemented in this area, the deficiencies and problems still remain.

In total, 83.7% of the respondents consider that the staff and structural reforms implemented by the country’s President have fulfilled their expectations. The Giving preference to youth during the staff reforms completely fulfill the people’s expectations. 86.9% of the respondents support the relevant approach of the country’s President. This is once again associated with the fact that the President takes into consideration the people’s opinion during the reforms implemented by him. The fact that 88% of the respondents have taken such a position testifies to the presence of strong ties between the people and the leader.

The researches show that there is a close relation between deepening and expansion of the reforms and growth of public sympathy and support for the President. As is seen, the people confirm the manifestation in real life of the principle reading as “The human factor occupies the central place in the public policy in Azerbaijan”.

It is worth mentioning with reference to the survey results that the respondents have come to a conclusion that the country’s President acts from the position complying with people’s interests, requirements, and expectations. Due to the fact that the success gained on the international arena and the deepening of the reforms in the domestic policy is associated with the President’s name and personal initiatives and role models, his rating in the public opinion demonstrates dynamics along an ascending line and this trend strengthens against the background of continuation of the reforms.

The absolute majority of the respondents consider as important the event occurred in October. The most welcomed ones among these events are the President”s speech at Valdai international discussion club and his strongly remonstrative speech against the glorification of fascism by Armenia during the summit in Ashgabat.

The President’s activities in the area of army building, foreign policy and staff reforms are appreciated more highly by the respondents. The survey participants always show sensitivity in regard to the issues of safety and the Armed Forces. But the level of people’s satisfaction with the activities in the social and economic sphere is a bit lower. In the respondents’ opinion, the state officials, local government agencies and indifferent attitudes of some public agencies are the main obstacles on the path of successful implementation of the reforms started in October. In other words, a certain part of the survey participants think that a change should be made inactivity of state agencies themselves for the successful implementation of the reforms. The staff and structural reforms have fulfilled expectations of the great majority of the respondents, and their main expectations related to the creation of new prospects and opportunities for the young generation. The expectations in the area of the economy were a bit lower again. For instance, the respondents having the expectation for growth of transparency measures in the area of the economy are in a minority among the respondents. The replacement of the old generation represented in the government with young specialists is also welcomed by the respondents.

The great influence of the public opinion on the activity of the country’s President is confirmed by the survey results and this idea is also referred to the currently implemented staff reforms. The people highly evaluate the President’s activity within the country and on the international arena during October and mention the growth of confidence placed in him. In general, the citizens consider October as a successful month for our country.


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