Azerbaijani Parliament issues protest statement regarding European Parliament's resolution

Azerbaijani Parliament issues protest statement regarding European Parliament
# 16 March 2023 18:55 (UTC +04:00)

The Committee of International and Inter-Parliamentary Relations of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan strongly protests against the biased resolution on the relations between the EU and Azerbaijan that the European Parliament passed on 15 March 2023 and deplores it most resolutely, said the Milli Majlis in a statement on the European Parliament's resolution on relations between the EU and Azerbaijan, APA reports.

"Not only are the specific misleading remarks of the European Parliament regarding Azerbaijan in part concerned with human rights, fundamental freedoms, good governance and so forth are replayed in the text of the resolution, but also, and most objectionably, it shocks for the amount of false and offensive rhetoric contained in it and aimed deliberately at discrediting Azerbaijan's efforts to achieve peace, provoking the revanchist forces in Armenia and destabilising the already complex situation in the South Caucasus in general and in the Garabakh Economic Region of Azerbaijan in particular. It is profoundly disappointing and disconcerting that the European Parliament has not only failed to prevent the adoption of this document that tarnishes its own reputation but has also itself become a tool in the hands of those trying to realise their nefarious plans in the South Caucasus Region through chaos and war.

By questioning Azerbaijan's territorial integrity, the document vividly demonstrates a complete disregard for the universally accepted international laws, the European Parliament’s own Charter and, most importantly, with the tabling for discussion in such a form reveals beyond doubt to having originated from Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora, long since a cancerous tumour of Europe.

The unbearable stench of corruption emanating from this resolution, its conveyed hatred for our country and disregard for her history and the pain that it continues to feel from the pre-war occupation of 20% of her territory, recognised as such internationally, also, from ethnic cleansing, the Khojaly Genocide, the more than 1,000,000 refugees and internally displaced people, the total destruction of her cities and villages, historical, cultural and religious heritage – such malodour erupts from any page of the resolution. The fervour with which it retells the Armenian tales of blockage of the Lachin Road and a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ indicates only too clearly how irresponsible and partial the MEPs were when they passed such a resolution.

However, the Committee of International and Inter-Parliamentary Affairs feels it necessary to highlight the stance taken by the Commissioner for European Integration and Neighbourhood Policy of the European Union Mr. Oliver Várhelyi during the debates. That was a stance that Mr Várhelyi was able to take prominently; he, besides, was able to maintain a balanced approach to assessing the developments in the region. Despite the incredible pressure from the partial MEPs, he voiced high appreciation of Azerbaijan's role as a reliable partner of the EU.

The Committee of International and Inter-Parliamentary Relations of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan calls on European parliamentarians to come to their senses, not to stir the pot to feed revanchist forces but to engage in a constructive dialogue based on mutual respect and understanding," the statement reads.

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