Life expectancy drops across EU in 2020 - STATISTICS

Life expectancy drops across EU in 2020 - STATISTICS
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  • calendar-gray 07 April 2021

The Covid pandemic has affected life expectancy in Europe, according to latest data across the EU released by its statistics agency Eurostat, APA reports citing BBC.

It says, on average, life expectancy at birth has been rising by more than two years per decade since the 1960s. But while many countries have seen that rise slow down in recent years, the decline in 2020 in some EU member states from 2019 is quite marked:

Belgium's life expectancy fell from 82.1 years to 80.9

Bulgaria's fell from 75.1 to 73.6 years

Spain, with life expectancy among Europe's highest, fell from 84 to 82.4 years

Italy's was down from 83.6 to 82.4

In Lithuania, Poland and Romania life expectancy from birth was down by 1.4 years

The Netherlands, France and Austria saw a decline of 0.7 years.


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