Azerbaijani MFA commented on resolutions of some European countries' parliaments regarding exchange of war prisoners

Azerbaijani MFA commented on resolutions of some European countries' parliaments regarding exchange of war prisoners
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  • calendar-gray 03 March 2021

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan (MFA) has commented on resolutions adopted by the legislative bodies of some European countries in recent days regarding the issue of the exchange of war prisoners between Armenia and Azerbaijan, APA reports.

Leyla Abdullayeva, head of the Press Service Department of the MFA noted that a new situation emerged in the region following the Patriotic War and implementation of the trilateral statement dated 10 November are one of the issues in the focus of attention not only of the countries of the region but also of the international community. "Azerbaijani side has always stated and we once again stress that for ensuring sustainable peace and security, development in the region, the implementation of trilateral statements is an important condition. You are right that in recent days, the legislatures of some European countries have issued documents on the situation in the region and the implementation of agreements.

On March 2, this year Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation of the implementation of the agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The resolution appealing to both sides invites the parties to construction activity. Demonstrating a balanced position Italian Parliament instructed the government of Italy to conduct work with the two states at a bilateral level to promote confidence-building measures for the establishment of future peace conditions between Armenia and Azerbaijan. As a most important issue here I would like to stress that Parliament noted it paid attention to the issue of demining the territories and giving the map of mined areas in this regard. In general, as you know, it is the second time the Italian Parliament focuses on the issue of implementation of the trilateral statement. Some time ago, in the resolution adopted on November 18, 2020, the signing of the mentioned joint statement was welcomed and the sides were invited to implement obligations arising from this statement.

Besides that on February 25 of the current year, the Foreign Relations Committee of the Dutch Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the Dutch government "On releasing prisoners of war detained by Azerbaijan." This next unfounded and completely one-sided document of the Dutch Parliament was adopted as a result of efforts of the members of the Committee, who have always been known for their biased position. I would like to note that Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok, who addressed the meeting during the discussion of the resolution, opposed the resolution and said that both Armenia and Azerbaijan had mutual claims regarding prisoners of war and proposed an amendment to the resolution calling on both sides.

Despite this, the amendment to the resolution has not been made. This shows once again that the parliamentarians of some countries prefer their biased position to everything, even the efforts to ensure peace in the region.

We would like to reiterate that in the new situation in the region with the agreement on the cessation of hostilities, it is very important to implement the tripartite statements, which are the main guarantors of lasting peace, and any party wishing peace in our region should contribute," MFA official said.


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