Azerbaijan's Air Force Chief of Staff disclosed from which necessity arose the destruction of Armenian missile systems

Azerbaijan's Air Force Chief of Staff disclosed from which necessity arose the destruction of Armenian missile systems
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  • calendar-gray 14 October 2020

“I will give brief information about the tactical features of the operational-tactical missile systems belonging to Armenia and their capabilities. The operational-tactical missile complex, together with the 9K72 8K14 missile, is designed to destroy manpower, control points, airfields, and other main facilities,” said Deputy Commander of the Air Force, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Major General Ikram Aliyev at the briefing held for ambassadors of foreign countries, representatives of foreign military attachés accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan and international organizations (UN, EU, ICRC) in our country today, APA reports.

Noting that the operational-tactical missile complex 9K72 8K14 was admitted to armament in 1967, I. Aliyev has announced the technical parameters of the complex. According to him, the shooting distance of the complex is 50-300 km, maximum flight time to far is 5 minutes, starting weight 5862 kg, the weight of the unloaded missile is 2076 kg, length 11164 mm, body diameter 880 mm, the distance between the stabilizers is 1810 mm, the complex weight is 37 tons, the combat staff is 8 people: “8K14 rocket is a ballistic rocket with jet liquid engine, integral combat unit, autonomous inertia control, and emergency explosion system. The explosive part of the missile is capable of destroying military equipment and personnel in an area of up to 1 hectare. The height of the flying trajectory is at least 24 km, and a maximum of 86 km.”

I. Aliyev announced target accuracy opportunities of tactical and operational rocket missiles in ammunition of the enemy: “We are bordering country with Armenia. They shelled Mingachevir and Ganja cities on October 12. I would like to draw your attention to where and for how long the missile could have reached if it had been fired again at the Republic of Azerbaijan. This rocket, which has a range of  300 km, may fall around Baku and can seriously blow, including large infrastructures. If we had not destroyed that missile complex, if cars had crossed into Nagorno Garabagh, the range of this missile could have surpassed Baku. Rocket from Tochka-U missile system from the Armenian side brought to readiness and stroke nearby Ballija residential settlement around Khankendi. It is based on the information of intelligence. Several of the mentioned ballistic rockets, shelled at our residential settlements, were detected by Air Defense Forces in time and destroyed on air. However, effective defense is that these ballistic missiles should be detected before shelling rockets and destructed in the site, Azerbaijani army started special operations using different kinds of intelligence and strike means against missile launchers and their supporter infrastructure.” 


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