President Aliyev: Azerbaijan turns into one of Eurasia’s transport hubs

President Aliyev: Azerbaijan turns into one of Eurasia’s transport hubs
  • Clock-gray 14:34
  • calendar-gray 18 April 2018

Great melioration measures have been taken for development of agriculture, Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev said during his inauguration ceremony on April 18, APA reports.


According to him, four large water reservoirs have been built: ‘During a part few years, we bring new water sources to more than 100,000 hectares. I’m sure that this will contribute to development of agriculture’.


The president noted that a large amount of investment was made in transport infrastructure in the past years: ‘We built seven airports, of which six are international. All these airports operate and number of tourists increases. The biggest trade port is being built in the Caspian Sea. It will be launched in the near future. Railway infrastructure is renewed. Azerbaijan has the biggest fleet in the Caspian Sea. We strengthen leadership in this field too. Construction of shipyard shows that there is no need to bur ship from abroad. In a words, renewal and creation of transport infrastructure was a domestic need’.


The head of state said that Azerbaijan has also created a regional infrastructure by cooperating with neighbors: ‘Launch of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway is our next historical achievement. We launched this historical road and cargo transportation through Azerbaijan’s territory is increasing. Along with this, we are engaging in creation of North-South transport corridor and all works in Azerbaijan’s territory have been completed. I’m sure that uncompleted part of this road will be completed by cooperating with neighboring countries. So, Azerbaijan, which has not an access to open seas, is turning into one of the transport hubs of Eurasia. On one hand, our geographical location is favorable, on the other hand it is unfavorable. Azerbaijan is situated between Europe and Asia, but we don’t have access to open seas. If we had, there wouldn’t be need to construct oil and gas pipelines. Therefore, turning into one of transport hubs of Eurasia in such a closed condition is a historical achievement’.   

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