Armenians prepare for another provocation against Azerbaijan in Moscow

Armenians prepare for another provocation against Azerbaijan in Moscow
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  • calendar-gray 09 March 2020

The Armenians are preparing for another provocation against Azerbaijan in Russia, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports.

The presentation in the Russia’s capital city of the documentary film entitled as “Return” of the Russian TV journalist Svetlana Kulchitskaya telling the story of the war fighted during 1990-ies in Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Garabagh region has been planned.

The documentary film which is planned to be presented on March 11 at the Cinema House situated in Vasilyevskaya street has been shot with financial support of the Armenian Republic.

In that film, the historical Azerbaijani lands are shown under the title of the East Armenia. The film tells the story of the struggle conducted by the Armenians in Nagorno Garabagh region during the war of 1990-ies without army, in the blockade conditions, for the sake of their “independence” and “freedom”.

Note that this year, on January 26, the Armenian Diaspora in Russia attempted to demonstrate at “Pobeda” cinema hall in Moscow the film entitled as the “Magnificent country - Aran” directed against Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. But after the appeal of the Azerbaijani community in Moscow to the Moscow Government, the demonstration of the film was cancelled.

Farid Akbarov

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