Azerbaijani President: "We can, I think, manage to resettle from 7 to 10 thousand families"

Azerbaijani President: "We can, I think, manage to resettle from 7 to 10 thousand families"
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  • calendar-gray 09 November 2020

"First we will need to evaluate the damage caused by Armenian state against Azerbaijan and against the property of our citizens", said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in his interview with BBC News on November 6 while answering a question on "So, President Aliyev, you have made significant advances already and taking territory alongside Nagorno-Karabakh. How soon do you plan to start sending your civilians back?", APA reports.

"Because in the liberated territories almost everything is destroyed. I said many times that in the big city of Fuzuli, where ten thousands of people live we could not find any building in order to put a flag on. So, we raised it on a derrick. Therefore, first, we will evaluate the damage, we will invite international experts in order to evaluate the damage which was caused to our ecology, to our infrastructure, to our civilians who lost their houses and to our state, to our historical heritage, because all the mosques were destroyed, all the museums were destroyed. This is first. And after that, of course, there will be lawsuits, lawsuits against Armenian state, and we are already preparing for that. Second, we will need to create at least initial conditions for people to live there. We need to provide construction materials we need to invest in infrastructure", noted head of state.

The journalist asked: "So, do you think, it is a matter of years realistically?"

"You know, we have already resettled 300 thousand refugees and IDPs during all these times of occupation. And the last years were the most impressive, because only this year we are resettling seven thousand families of refugees. So, we can, I think manage to resettle from 7 to 10 thousand families a year, but of course, for that we need to have infrastructure. We do it in Baku where everything is ready. But in those areas where everything is destroyed we need power stations, we need roads we need water supply. So, all that will take time. I don’t know how long it will take but we will try to do everything to do it in a maximum shortest period", noted Ilham Aliyev.


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