Igor Korotchenko: Nagorno-Karabakh is Azerbaijani territory. This question closed once and forever

Igor Korotchenko: Nagorno-Karabakh is Azerbaijani territory. This question closed once and forever
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  • calendar-gray 27 November 2020

"Pashinyan is a political loser. He dragged Armenia into a disaster. Due to his political incompetence, Pashinyan did his best to make the war a reality. He provoked Azerbaijan to this war. He was preparing for war. Pashinyan's generals stated that if there was a new war, they would reach Baku and Azerbaijan would lose a number of territories. This was, in fact, a shameless policy that reflected Armenia's new territorial claims against the sovereign state of Azerbaijan. Today, it has resulted in a political collapse," said Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of Russia's "National Defense" magazine, a well-known military expert in an interview with APA's Moscow correspondent.

Mr. Korotchenko said faced with such a defeat, Pashinyan still prefers to make such a statement: "I think this is an agony. Pashinyan is no more as a politician, he is gone. It is a political shell left by Pashinyan, from which air came out. With his revenge and plans to occupy new territories of Azerbaijan, Pashinyan exploded, as did all of Armenia.

Therefore, I think that nothing depends on Pashkina's words today, absolutely nothing ...

His statement is an attempt to maintain power. Pashinyan attempts for him not to behave for example as they behaved with the speaker of the parliament. After the war, the mass had lynched the speaker of the Parliament in Yerevan. It is also an indicator of “Armenian democracy”. In fact, the third person of the Armenian state was killed in the street in Yerevan. Which democracy are we talking about? It is not a democracy but an ochlocracy. Therefore the statement of Pashinyan is nothing from a practical point of view, it is just the tremor of air, nothing more than... Therefore, in my opinion, it is not necessary to pay serious attention to the statements of a politician whose mission has ended in disaster for the state he leads.

Pashinyan’s these statements have been considered for the interior auditorium, maintenance attempts of his lost image. From a practical point of view, we will understand that there is a trilateral statement. As Ilham Aliyev said, there is not any status regarding Nagorno Karabakh there. Nagorno Karabakh is Azerbaijani territory. This issue has been closed once and forever."

Farid Akbarov

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