Azerbaijani scientist conducts researches regarding coronavirus in Turkey

Azerbaijani scientist conducts researches regarding coronavirus in Turkey
  • Clock-gray 11:56
  • calendar-gray 19 February 2020

The Professor of Turkey’s Akdeniz University, the correspondent member of ANAS Tarlan Mammadov conducts researches regarding coronavirus in Turkey, ANAS told APA.

As a result of the researches, the scientist determined the target albumens acting against coronavirus. It is envisaged to transfer those albumens into cells of plant leaves in the nearest future. He said it is highly likely that the vaccine against this virus will be produced from these cells.

Note that Tarlan Mammadov using the technology of enzymatic deglycosylation inside a cell has also prepared a vaccine against malaria which causes falling ill and dieing of the greatest number of people worldwide. The scientist said the obtained vaccine will save lives of millions of people: “The use of this vaccine in the clinical tests is already supported by the Turkish government”.

Besides, the Azerbaijani scientist will come up with a presentation dedicated to the vaccine proposed by him against malaria in the “Cell and gene based inoculations” section at the International Biotechnology Congress that will be held in Turkey’s Istanbul City during March 5-7, 2020.


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