Mobile traveling hospital starts to provide services at Bilesuvar customs border crossing station

Mobile traveling hospital starts to provide services at Bilesuvar customs border crossing station
  • Clock-gray 14:12
  • calendar-gray 25 February 2020

Recently the preventative measures implemented at customs border crossing stations against coronavirus outbreak observed in the Islamic Republic of Iran are being intensified, and the relevant works in the area of timely detection and medical evacuation of the persons suspected of catching this disease including necessary sanitary and preventative and disinfection measures are being carried out by the State Customs Committee, the State Customs Committee told APA.

Preventive measures and disinfection works are being carried out in Astara and Bilasuvar border checkpoints of General Customs Administration over southern area within the framework of measurements against coronavirus outbroke in Iran.

Thus, in accordance with  the order of the Chairman of the State Customs Committee, mobile itinerant hospital of  Medical Services Office of the Committee and relevant medical staff are sent to this checkpoint amid to further strengthen the preventive measures taken at the Bilasuvar customs checkpoint.

At the same time, Astara customs checkpoint has also been strengthened by relevant medical staff of the Medical Service Office.

Note for information that the mobile traveling hospital with two beds of the Medical Service Department together with the medical staff have already been attached to Bilesuvar customs station and have started functioning since February 25. If necessary, the persons suspected in catching contagious disease will be passed through medical examination by means of the mobile traveling hospital, and thereafter will be handed over to relevant structures of the Medical Territorial Divisions Management Association (MTDMA). At the same time, there is also a capacity to provide medical aid to two bedridden patients at the mobile hospital.


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