Ramin Bayramli reveals effectiveness rates of coronavirus vaccines

Ramin Bayramli reveals effectiveness rates of coronavirus vaccines
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  • calendar-gray 15 December 2020

“There are vaccines, suggested by different companies. Several parameters are paid attention in choosing vaccine. One of them is condition of maintenance, another is protectiveness, effectiveness feature, the third one is safety,” said today Ramin Bayramli, chairman of Board of Administration of Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB) at the press conference of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers, APA reports.

According to him, safety researches on 5 vaccines, existing currently, are close to end, other two elements are absolutely clear: “One of them is BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine, jointly prepared by Germany and the US. Its condition of maintenance is a little difficult. Healthcare facilities in most countries are not ready for it and works are underway in this direction. The vaccine is maintained in - 70 degrees and information on its effectiveness being 95% has already been published in articles. Another is Sputnik V vaccine, prepared in Gamaleya Institute of the Russian Federation. It should be kept at – 20 degrees and effectiveness is reported to be 95%. Furthermore, a vaccine has been discovered by England and Swedish scientists at Oxford University together with AstraZeneca Company, which is kept at – 4 degrees, and its effectiveness is reported to be 70%. But researches regarding the second dose of the vaccine have been started again. One of the ready vaccines is CoronaVac vaccine, prepared by Sinovac Company of China. Its maintenance temperature is simple, it is possible to keep it at  2-8 degree C up to 3 years. According to the initial results, effectiveness of this vaccine is 95-97%.”

Gunay Elshadgizi

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