Sea Cup 2018 competition aims to strengthen peace in Caspian region, says Azerbaijan

# 09:35
31 July 2018

The competition Sea Cup 2018 organized in Azerbaijan as part of the International Army Games aims to strengthen peace and friendship among the Caspian littoral states, Captain 1st Rank Subhan Bakirov, who also heads the Azerbaijani delegation at the competition.


Azerbaijan has been participating in the competition since 2015, and interest in these games is growing from year to year, Bakirov told a press conference dedicated to the opening of the Sea Cup 2018, APA reports.  


“The Sea Cup 2018 will be held from July 31 to August 8 in three stages. Delegations from Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Iran are taking part in the competition,” he said.


The Azerbaijani military officer added that cultural events, city walks, visits to museums and historical sites in Baku will be organized during the competition.


Addressing the press conference, Russian delegation head Sergei Ekimov said that the competition Sea Cup 2018 was organized at a high level.


Russia has always attached great importance to this competition, Ekimov said, adding. “Russia delivered new smile-size artillery boats to this year’s competition.”  


Iranian delegation head Shahram Habibi said that his country partakes in the competition Sea Cup for the second time.


“This is a friendship competition. I hope that military relations will have a positive impact on political and cultural ties,” he added.


Kazakh delegation head Kanat Niyazbekov said that his country’s delegation is taking part in the competition with local-made ships.


Twenty-eight competitions will be organized in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Iran and Russia as part of the International Army Games to be held from July 28 to August 11.


The United States, Turkey, Pakistan, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are taking part in the competition as observers.