Mass Iftar could lead to rise of coronavirus infection, Theologian says

# 13:05
14 April 2021

“Unfortunately, this month of Ramadan also coincided with a pandemic. From this point of view, those who are fasting and believers are better off abandoning mass gatherings and iftar," an employee of the Caucasus Muslims Office, theologian Samid Guliyev told APA.

According to him, iftar is more expedient to spend with the family.

“For those who can afford it, it is more expedient to pay for iftar organized in orphanages, homes for the elderly and needy people. Because carrying out massive iftars could lead to an increase in coronavirus infection. A person present there can become a carrier of the disease, bring it home and spread it to family members. Therefore, it is better not to arrange such ceremonies," said S. Guliyev.