Heads of religious confessions in Azerbaijan issue statement on upcoming presidential election

# 09:41
14 February 2018

Heads of religious confessions in Azerbaijan have issued a statement in respect of the upcoming presidential election in the country.


The statement reads as follows:


‘Irrespective of our national identity, we Azerbaijani believers—Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, Alban-Udi and other community members—have gathered together to state the following in regard to the forthcoming presidential election, which is a crucial event in the country’s public-political life. We state with a sense of responsibility before the One Creator that in addition to the progress achieved in all aspects of life in recent years—economic growth, successful domestic and foreign policy, people’s improved well-being, our country’s strengthened defense capability, the believers are also impressed by valuable changes in religious-moral life. Apart from economic projects of regional importance such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, the TANAP gas pipeline, the North-South International Transport Corridor, the newly built and meticulously restored places of worship, the attention paid to the material and moral needs of believers, huge respect for national-religious and universal values are all indicative of our country’s influence and power. Our motherland Azerbaijan is also known worldwide as an advanced country that brings together a variety of cultures and religions and unites them around moral-humanitarian goals. Our society, where God-pleasing multicultural values are promoted, and our leader are honorable in the sight of God. Every believing citizen is thankful for such attainments in our country’s life and considers it to be a fruition of the successful police pursed by the head of state with the mercy of God. The people of Azerbaijan are confident that our independence will be eternal and unshakable thanks to the exceptional will and efforts being demonstrated by Ilham Aliyev, the decent successor to great leader Heydar Aliyev, who saved Azerbaijan from being torn apart.


The ruling New Azerbaijan Party has nominated Ilham Aliyev for the upcoming presidential election. This candidate is indeed the candidate of the whole people. All the believers in Azerbaijan share a common position that Ilham Aliyev is a worthy candidate for the presidential election. The success of our country, which is a place of constancy, prosperity and religious-moral stability in the world facing political, economic, and spiritual crises, is truly of a great value. All the believers in Azerbaijan, as well as head of religious confession in the country are proud to represent the tolerant, multi-cultural, legal-democratic society, which is the benefit of successful religious-state policy pursued in independent Azerbaijan, at any place of the world. Recognition of Azerbaijan as one of the most important centers of intercultural and interfaith dialogue in the world is the real result of the state policy, implemented by our head of state. The establishment of the Baku Process in 2008 on dialogue and cooperation of civilizations and cultures, the announcement of 2016 as the year of Multiculturalism, and 2017 as the Year of Islamic Solidarity are vivid examples of the political will and humanist thinking of the Azerbaijani president. The progressive world community evaluates the efforts in this direction, and Azerbaijani people are grateful to their leader.


All the believers in Azerbaijan, who live in unique, friendly and brotherly conditions, want the continuation of religious and spiritual revival in our country, a country which spiritual places such as mosques, churches and synagogues are being repaired and reconstructed by the state’s material and moral support.


The presidential election to be held in Azerbaijan on April 11 will undoubtedly be an important political event in our people’s life and a crucial moment for every believer in the country. We call on all the believers in Azerbaijan to vote for Ilham Aliyev in the upcoming presidential election.”  


The statement was adopted by Chairman of the Caucasian Muslims Office (CMO) Allahshukur Pashazade, Archbishop Alexander of Baku and Azerbaijan, Ordinary of the Apostolic Prefecture of the Roman Catholic Church in Azerbaijan Vladimir Fekete, Head of the Community of Mountain Jews in Azerbaijan Melih Yevdayev and Chairman of the Alban-Udi Christian Community Robert Mobili.