Muganbank’s loss exceeds AZN 13M

# 09:04
26 April 2017

Muganbank ended the first quarter of 2017 on profit of AZN 515,180. Bank says as of April 1, distributed loss amounts to AZN 12.726 million.


According to report, accumulated loss made up AZN 13,241,320.


As of March 31, bank’s assets stood at AZN 465.365 million, of which AZN 336.336 million makes up loan portfolio. Share of non-standard loans in loan portfolio makes up 14.4% or AZN 47,887 million. Of this, AZN 17,682,810 is unsatisfactory, AZN 8,107,700 dangerous, AZN 22,096,580 hopeless assets.   


Bank’s general reserves make up AZN 6,387,340, specific reserves – AZN 28,132,700.


Bank earned AZN 12,091,600 from interest on loans, interest expenditures stood at AZN 4,288,520.


Total liabilities made up AZN 401.565 million. Of this, AZN 198.523 million was attracted from banks and financial institutions, AZN 194.139 million was correspondent accounts, AZN 3.818 million issued debt securities, AZN 5.085 million others.


Authorized capital amounted to AZN 75 million, total capital to AZN 67.002 million.